Saturday, August 7, 2010



Authored by Rich Myers

Abortion, politics, and religion come head-to-head! The Accident is a gripping novel presenting current controversial political and moral conflicts.
The husband of a woman who loses her unborn child wants the politician responsible for her loss to pay the full price; jail time.
An activist lawyer vies for higher office and commits all of his family's savings into the campaign. Does he best represent his constituents' agenda or his own self-importance? He is the hands-down favorite and is supported by a national organization. When what has become an all too common moral character flaw surfaces, should it prevent him from fulfilling this goal? Will this case ensure his success?
A Catholic Bishop is challenged by the hierarchy to withdraw his support of the accused on moral grounds, what choice does he have?
When the laws of society and moral precepts of religious teachings collide in a court room, only one can prevail. Which will a jury decide?
Which will you decide?

"The Accident truly rivals the great Grisham books for action packed pages and a real life story that will touch all of your emotions. It will make you think about the Life issues facing society and truly challenge you and your convictions."
Armand Brunelle III

About the author:
A Boston native for more than 40 years and now a resident of Colorado, Rich has a love for the written word, the Boston Red Sox, and fall in New England.

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