Sunday, April 18, 2010



The Swindler
Authored by Michalle Kaye Malsbury, Michelle Kaye Malsbury

How easy is it for an investment broker to deceive clients? Very, particularly if his personal hero is Bernie Madoff.

Skip Horowitz, along with his old pal A.J., has created what they believe is a foolproof scheme using commodities trading, bookmaking, and various other businesses as covers. Their plan has served them well for decades, surviving the scrutiny of government agencies lacking solid proof to support any allegations of wrongdoing. But luck can't hold forever...or can it? Catherine O'Reilley, newly sponsored in the high-risk world of investment strategy by Skip Horowitz, is about to find out.

About the author:
Michelle Malsbury was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois. Currently she resides in Florida. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Business Management. She has just completed her first year of doctoral studies in the discipline of Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies with high hopes of helping to build nations and sustain peaceful interactions around the globe.

ISBN/EAN13:0984421947 / 9780984421947

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  1. As Michelle's editor, I can vouch for this one. Excellent story, and very timely what with the recent Bernie Madoff wall street scandal. But this one, you will like it.

    Marvin D Wilson