Saturday, March 27, 2010



SEX, MONEY & POWER...just ways to keep score in the Garbage Game, a Bloodsport where LIES are expected, cheating is routine, and violence is a matter of PERCEPTION.
Gordon Palmer operates a huge landfill. Illegal is OK: Cash only. Jim Stevens, environmental inspector, discovers lethal waste, and stumbles between right and wrong.
Southern States Garbage is minting money. A teenage girl is only one of their victims.
Governor Clifford Elias needs to maintain his environmentalist image.
Bobby Kuchefski is County Leader of Holt County. He wants to be Governor.
Daniel Snyder builds incinerators. Alliances with the devil do not concern him.
Monsignor Robert Szathmary thinks he knows the risks that accompany his environmental terrorism.
Monika Frantangelis is heir apparent to a paper recycling empire. Beautiful and wealthy is not enough.
Attorney Phillip Spazutta is Guru of Garbage. Spazutta has unwritten rules...not found in law books.
Curtis 'Weasel' Weiss wants to win a Pulitzer...a little too much.

About the author:
John Hayden spent his career in the engineering and construction businesses, advising politicians and high ranking officials across the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Having worked jobs on both ends of the spectrum, from equipment operator and laborer to executive and CEO, he has met the best and worst of people; often they've been involved in a stew of corruption and crime. It is such characters that populate the universe of his novels.
John admires mysteries and thrillers driven by characters readers can recognize as real, and frequently flawed. His own books reflect such lives, intervened upon by unexpected disasters. Lies and Perception, John's second novel, examines how the best and worst among us can be warped; particularly in the Garbage Game where bad things happen, usually as a result of greed, jealousy, lust, anger or fear-and sometimes all of the above.
John earned a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He is married with three adult children. A lifetime New Englander, John and his wife Janet, along with Fergus the Red Setter, now split their time between Cape Cod and the Palm Beaches.

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