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Did we learn our lesson from 9/11? Is it still possible that terrorists could strike American soil? We like to think not, but does our desire match reality? In an exciting new book, Jack Gresham paints a scenario that is not only feasible, but frightening. Reminiscent of Abe March's, "They Plotted Revenge Against America," Jack's portrait of a possible attack reminds us that that if we fail to be diligent, the next terrorist attack to make the news could be in our backyard.

America in the bull’s-eye
New thriller explores the reality of a United States in the midst of a terrorist attack.

By Jack Gresham
Synergy Books / November 2009

SYNOPSIS: In Washington, D.C., a cell of Afghan terrorists—armed with a nuclear weapon—conspire to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of New York of 18 billion dollars. The money is intended to fund Mohammed of Babylon, who is the prophesied redeemer of Islam. Mohammed, however, is a man of peace and must find a way to rectify the wrong done to the United States without angering his followers.

In the meantime, a federal investigation into the attack uncovers a frightening plot by an international corporation to fund and manufacture global terrorism, leaving the feds wondering what it will take to counter the terrorism already set in motion.

The book leaves readers asking themselves, “Could something like this really happen?”

ORLANDO, Fla. – From the Oklahoma City bombing to the attacks on the World Trade Center, it seems the United States can never stray too far from the crosshairs of terrorism. Even today, suspicions are swirling around the recent shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, speculating it was a religiously fueled act of jihad. Is this tragedy a chilling reminder that, eight years after September 11, America is still at great risk of terrorism?

Author and former Air Force pilot, Jack Gresham explores the consequences of this possibility in his new international thriller. The first of four books in the “Mohammed of Babylon” series, 18 Billion (Synergy Books, 978-0-9823140-0-5, November 2009, $15.95) takes readers on a suspenseful and thought-provoking journey to a modern-day United States, once again in immediate danger of terrorism.

“There is a lot more going on in the world than we are told by the government or even by the media,” Gresham says. “I want to submerge readers into this alternate world and raise the question ‘Could this really happen?’ in their minds.”

In 18 Billion, Afghan terrorists in Washington, D.C., use nuclear weapons to rob the Federal Reserve of 18 billion dollars. The money is stolen to fund Mohammed of Babylon, a peaceful leader who is the prophesied redeemer of Islam. Shocked to find himself at the center of religious extremism, Mohammed must find a way to right the wrong committed against United States without forfeiting the trust of his people.

“18 Billion isn’t just a story about a terrorist attack in the United States and its outcome,” Gresham says. “It’s also about a man who is conflicted between his belief in nonviolent jihad and the fundamentalist principles of his followers.”

As the story unfolds, the government discovers an international corporation by the name of Global Consultant Ltd. that poses an even greater threat. Concerned with money over ideology, the corporation forces American officials to consider just how far they will have to go to protect their country from terrorism.


Dr. Jack Gresham started his career as a jet pilot in the United States Air Force, before earning his degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1961. He established a specialization in orthopedic surgery and spent five years in Saudi Arabia developing an orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation department in a local hospital. Before his retirement in 2004, Gresham went on numerous medical mission trips abroad to places such as the Ukraine, Brazil and Africa. He also recently completed a tour on the board of directors for the Learning Institute for Elders (LIFE) at the University of Central Florida. Gresham currently lives with his wife, Moena, in Orlando, Fla. For more information, please visit

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