Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Eminent Murder
By Joe Crain

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Clayton Longley, a successful businessman, has returned to his hometown when his family's small cattle ranch is threaten by a contrived eminent domain claim. The local political clique, former schoolmates of his, has a land grabbing heritage and the ensuing conflict degenerates to murder.

To complicate matters, Clay encounters his old love, now married to one of his adversaries. He fights back with his own defense or is it old-fashioned frontier justice? The Longleys are distant relatives of the famous Texas outlaw Wild Bill Longley and Clayton has to cope with the bad blood of his own heritage and a secret he can never share.

Eminent Murder is a thriller set in Byar County, Texas, complete with longhorns, a Texas Ranger, modern outlaws, guns, aircraft and the men who wear white hats.

About the author:
Joe Crain has a B.A and a MEd. He's a retired Navy pilot and aerospace contractor. Joe and wife Donna live on Lake Livingston in East Texas where they enjoy family, boating and RVing.

Eminent Murder is a second novel. The first, Wind Ahead of the Wing, relied heavily upon Joe's flying experience in the Navy Hurricane Hunters.

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