Friday, June 26, 2009


Authors need to show more consideration to their peers. It is incumbent upon authors to read publisher's web sites prior to submission. We have had several cases where the author has sent in the first three chapters, as required, then the whole ms, as we requested. We like the book and offer a contract. Then the author reviews our website and decides, perhaps, that our publishing parameters are not what they expected (being, like the vast majority of both large and small presses, print-on-demand, for example, or "oh, I want this published in hardcover" as opposed to paperback).

In the first place, authors need to keep informed as to what is happening in the industry. Almost all publishers, in some form, are using print-on-demand technology. Very, very few "warehouse" books in this day and age.

Secondly, and most important to us, a lot of time is spent reading and carefully reviewing each manuscript submitted to us. The time spent on submissions from authors who have not reviewed the website, contract, et cetera, is time taken away from other authors who know what we do and how we do it.

Bottom line, authors, regardless of where you submit your ms, please read the material on the web site. It is there for a purpose.

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