Monday, March 2, 2009

YA Fiction Author Rises From Down Under


Gregory Victor Babic
has just broken into young adult fiction with The Profile.

Tenth grader, Danni MacCormack just received a Medallion for Journalism award, and is about to take on the most enterprising endeavor of her young life. Her single mother Ellen, and grandmother Mabel, are bursting with pride.

The story begins in Middlewood, Australia a sort of ghost town waiting for a divine intervention. A town whose heart otherwise seems to be beating its last. The town is a twitter when the surprise guest speaker of the Annual Speech Night, Mr. Dean Lawrence Polking, arrives. He's a homegrown boy turned magnate that has returned to invest in Middlewood High School, and his old stomping grounds, with the grandest architectural retail structure the world has ever seen.

Curious, Danni decides to interview him, but there's a catch: Dean Lawrence Polking has never granted a personal interview ever. The story really gets going when Danni and her friend Kitra make a bet that neither wants Danni to lose.

After studying all the information gleaned from several sources spanning decades, Danni discovers a possible inroad. A personal interview will be granted to the individual who discovers the meaning behind the initials of Mr. Polking's company, HRL. What takes place after that is a fascinating toller coaster ride that rendered the book unputdownable. The charming and quirky characters were so believable, that as I read, I watched the whole thing unfold as if watching a movie.

The book is a bit rocky at the beginning, but by the time Danni makes her bet, it becomes a fast-paced read. Find out how this tenacious girl keeps moving forward in the face of daunting circumstances, and what she discovers along the way.

I enjoyed this book immensely! As most of you know I am not a big reader of fiction, but this read almost like a movie. Bravo, Mr. Babic, I look forward to you next work!
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