Thursday, August 21, 2014


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Authored by Marylee MacDonald
Edition: First

Mid-life mom, Colleen Gallagher would do anything to protect her children from harm. When her daughter's husband falls ill with ALS, Colleen rolls up her sleeves and moves in, juggling the multiple roles of grandma, cook, and caregiver, only to discover that even her superhuman efforts can't fix what's wrong.

About the author:
Marylee MacDonald's fiction has won the Barry Hannah Prize, the ALR Fiction Award, the Ron Rash Award, the Matt Clark Prize, and two Illinois Arts Council Fellowships. Her work has appeared in the American Literary Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Blue Moon Literary & Art Review, Briar Cliff Review, Broad River Review, Folio, North Atlantic Review, Raven Chronicles, Reunion, Ruminate, StoryQuarterly, Yalobusha Review, and others. She lives in Tempe, AZ.

Crocodile Mothers Eat Their Young

Authored by Avi Morris
Edition: First

When teacher Roberta Allen, walked into her middle school principal's office, she encountered sisters Valentina and Selena Diaz, who were to be removed from their mother's home once again by the Department of Families. The girls, after suffering years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their mother and sexual abuse by their mother's male friends, are soon to be placed in the care of newly approved foster parents, Roberta and Hal Allen. The Allens' must learn how to cope with the state bureaucracy even as Valentina, the younger sister, bonds with her new "Mom" and "Dad." This is her story of persistence, love and survival as she bravely confronts the people who had brought harm to her in the past.

About the author:
Avi Morris holds a B.A. from University of Connecticut and a J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law. After many years as a federal attorney and then as a business consultant, Mr. Morris fulfilled a dream to write fiction. Crocodile Mothers Eat Their Young is his first published novel. He and his wife, a teacher, have hosted several foster children in addition to raising three children of their own. The family resides in Connecticut.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Conversations Among Ruins

Authored by Matthew Peters

Conversations Among Ruins is a portrait of a descent into madness, and the potential of finding salvation there.
While in detox, Daniel Stavros, a young professor, meets and falls in love with the cryptic Mimi Dexter. But Mimi has secrets ... and, strangely, a tattoo identical to the pendant Daniel's mother gave him right before she died.Drawn together by broken pasts, they pursue a twisted, tempestuous romance. When it ends, a deteriorating Stavros seeks refuge at a mountain cabin where a series of surreal experiences bring him face to face with something he's avoided all his life: himself.Miles away, Mimi's actions run oddly parallel to Daniel's.
Will either be redeemed, or will both careen toward self-destruction?

 About the author:
Dual diagnosed* from an early age, Matthew Peters dropped out of high school at sixteen. He went on to obtain an A.A., a B.A. from Vassar College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Duke University. He has taught various courses in a variety of disciplines throughout North Carolina.
He is committed to increasing the awareness and understanding of the dual-diagnosed. Conversations Among Ruins is his first novel.
His second novel, The Brothers' Keepers, is available on

*The term "dual diagnosed" refers to someone who suffers from a mood disorder (e.g., depression) and chemical dependency.